CABINET PERROCHEAU La chartre sur le Loir
CABINET PERROCHEAU La chartre sur le Loir
CABINET PERROCHEAU La chartre sur le Loir

Sandrine Perrocheau


Expert immobilier

Market value of a real estate

  • • Throughout of a real estate sale or purchase
  • D'un divorce ou d'une succession.
  • A divorce or an inheritance
  • An expropriation
  • sharing, donation
  • tax disputes
  • The crowding out
  • the setting or revision of a rent
  • An assessment by the tax authorities
  • To establish or verify a livable surface enforce by the Carrez law
  • Liquidation of the community assets
  • for inventories for certain bank loans
  • To grant a credit, pledge or leasing
  • For a real estate loan or a wealth taxe registration
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Tariff on estimate

The real estate expertise makes it possible to strike a decisive card on the market of the real estate, it is appropriate to present the good at its real market price to ensure him a sale as soon as possible.

Mortgage What is the mortgage sale ?

As proprietor, the mortgage sale in France offer you the possibility to transfer the propriety of our real state to a third, while staying in there or letting the housing empty.

The free mortgage

On the contrary, le free mortgage in France concern a wild majority of persons owning a secondary residence. Hence, you not living in the house in matter and your potential purchaser take direct ownership of the premises.

The occupied mortgage

The occupied mortgage in France represents more than 95% of the situation. Through it, you keep continuing to live in your house while your potential purchaser paye you a life annuity each month. It is only once your house is available that your potential buyer take ownership of the places. Sandrine Perrocheau expert in the real estate and mortgage will assist you in the study of your project of selling.